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We follow the process below:

  1. Orders are placed on-line
  2. Orders are completed in our design department
  3. Orders are sent to the press for production
  4. Orders are collected by the designated courier company and shipped

Alpha Global Packaging will cancel your order if you apply for the cancelation process before the second step. We will only be able to process the cancelation or refund after progressing beyond the second point. Please let us know if you require further amendments and see any errors in the products within 3 days of being shipped.

If an order is canceled in stage 1, you will be charged $15 plus 5% of the total amount to cover payment processing and other bank charges. For orders canceled in stage 2, a minimum of 20% of the total order amount is deducted as cancellation fees to cover our design department’s charges and payment processing fees.

We cannot cancel orders after stage 3. In this case, you will receive the products.


As all orders are considered final, we won’t process a refund. Refunds are processed only in the case of cancellation and not after you have received the products. You can tell us of potential mistakes within 3 days of delivery, and we will rectify them.


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